1,009 unique Koalas Rebels

KRebels is the DAO NFT project utilizing cutting-edge technology to raise awareness for a good cause. Our mission is to save koalas from extinction 1 mint at a time.
KRebels’s in-house artist has created 1,009 different koala inspired artworks that are being turned in distinctive NFTs.
What sets KRebels apart is not only being the first charity-focused NFT adopting koalas, but the self-governed community where everyone can get the power they deserve. Everyone minting the first generation of Krebels receives the Krebels coin in the equal amount to their purchase. These coins guarantee your voting rights in making all of the community decisions. You can also exchange them to the Etherium.
This will not only set KRebels apart as an innovative NFT project, it will incentivize more engagement in their community, ultimately raising more awareness — and funds — to help save the koalas and their habitat.

Corporate donor of IFAW

  • KRebels is donating $50k and 5% of its sales. Please help us make this world a better place while building something new and unique.

    Corporate donor of IFAW. KRebels is donating $50k and 5% of its sales.

  • KRebels Roadmap

    The goal is to bring our Koalas home, to our Metaverse forest, where holders will be able to participate in educational activities, private events, and other interactive and fun experiences where they have the opportunity to get rewards.

    2022 Q1:

    Regular AMA and NFT Sessions w/ guests on Discord and Twitter Spaces Launch of unique Discord channels for our special Koala members:

    2022 Q2:

    Launch of DAO

    2022 Q3:

    Next collection drops (free mint for each KRebel you hold!) 3D collection drop (instant WL access for all KRebel holders) NFT game with token (free mint for Genesis holders)!!! Launch of space in the Metaverse, with utilities added to all KRebels, with increasing power for Rare and Legendary (1/1) KRebels

    2022 Q4:

    Staking of our Krebels. Your tokens will now earn you Crypto interest! Continued Airdrop utilities for Metaverse

    KRebels Team


    I’m very focused on cryptocurrencies and NFTs. My main goal is to save koalas while using instruments I’m fluent with. So let’s talk less and act more! The day will come when you’ll be glad you adopted a cute KRebels koala!


    I’m always looking for new challenges. Nothing brings me more joy than to start the project from scratch and take it to the top.


    I live between the real world and the virtual world. And now, thanks to KRebels, I have found a way to invite you into the Metaverse with me!


    I work 24 hours per day but still enjoy my eucalyptus lunch breaks. Come join me sometime soon!

    Smart Contract


    How to mint from a mobile?

    First, download the MetaMask app, then add some ETH by clicking on the BUY button or transfer some from any other wallet
    Then you click on three lines on the left corner of the app and choose Browser. There you type mint.krebels.io
    Click Connect your wallet, then choose the quantity of NFTs you want to get and click Mint. You’ll see the window with the final price, there you click Confirm. That’s it.
    Your koala is minting and you can see it in your MetaMask in the NFTs tab

    At the moment the price is 0.1 ETH + gas fees.

    10 KRebels per wallet

    The KRebels is on the Ethereum ERC-721 blockchain, the smart contract is made public on Etherscan.

    Community voted for the collection to be revealed after first 1000 NFTs are sold.

    Your KRebels will be in your MetaMask wallet and your OpenSea profile.

    On the OpenSea platform.

    Yes, 5% of the secondary sales commission. Commission will be used to market KRebels and help secure project longevity.

    Yes! You will own all commercial rights to the design, which means you can sell it for profit, print it and hang it on your wall or create merchandise from it and sell it. It's totally up to you.

    Try to open your MetaMask, go to the browser inside of the MetaMask, type mint.krebels.io and click Connect Wallet.

    Try to mint with your phone. Sometimes PC browsers are being not mint-friendly.

    Gas fee goes up and down all the time. No one can predict how much it will be. We can suggest to wait and check later in the day.